About Us


Hi there,

We are Russ Crowley and Peter Hons, the co founders of Budget Video Intros.
We believe we offer something special and hope you do too.

Everyone loves a great introduction …

It should be simple and easy to take in while also creating the greatest impact.

It can make or break the future connection of any relationship or business.

But can it be top notch – and still be affordable? Yes. Now it can.

At Budget Video Intros, we know all about creating great first impressions.
This is our purpose and mission. To create spectacular Full HD 1080p video
templates that set your brand or service above the rest.

You need to create a boost of interest in your brand or service.
To increase traffic, trust and connection with new customers – and keep them.
And – to maintain existing customers.

So you need an edge. You need to make a positive and lasting impression that
sets your service above the rest.

That’s where Budget Video Intros comes in.


We have hundreds of top quality HD 1080p video templates to suit any service
you provide in any niche.

All our templates are very affordable and designed ready to go. And there are no
extra costs involved. None.

* Although, please be aware that we do also offer extra services if you do need
more. These are not essential – (see more about this below)

Once you see how quick easy it is to produce your top notch videos, you will not
want to be without them.

And our custom, state of the art catalog makes it even easier.

Also, check out our short “Getting Started” videos to make your ease complete.

And it doesn’t stop there.

We are always adding new templates every month. So we are here for the long term.

And it gets even better.


We also know that you may need or want more than that.

At Budget Video Intros, we can customise anything to your requirements with:

  • Tens of thousands of other top quality video backgrounds and effects.
  • Tens of thousands of top quality audio backgrounds and effects.
  • Production and editing services to create custom or longer videos for your needs
  • Website creation services.
  • And much more …

Please note: These services come with added costs, depending on the time and
work involved.

If you would like any of our other services listed above, then please contact us via
email or our support desk.

Above all …


Video advertising is a must have that we developed for our own business.Then we
realised that we could also help so many others. So here we are.

We have seen it all and know how reliable – and unreliable the internet can be.

That is why we have gone that extra mile. We want you to get to know us – and to
trust us in helping you make your business a success.

If you have had videos created for you in the past, then most likely it was very time
consuming and expensive.

A short video often costs thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars
to create.

Then you have the endless toing and froing to get it right. So much time and money
is often lost.

If you are new to getting video created – then you will find this out too.

At Budget Video Intros we like simple, easy – and effective. We wanted to provide
an easier and more effective solution.

And we have.

What you see is what you get! 100% Full HD 1080p quality templates that make
your advertising sing!

We know we have something special and hope you do too.

We hope you enjoy every part of Budget Video Intros.

To Your Success,

Russ and Peter